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The intro page was last updated on October 12, 2017.

This is a web page for providing AREA information to people. I am interested in getting feedback about the presentation of this information.

There are currently 11843 registered players (3364 active and 2962 recently inactive players) in the AREA database. (Note that as of 2012-03-31 players are considered inactive after 4 years instead of 2 years and are dropped from a game's listing after 12 years instead of 10 years.) We have ratings for 302 games with active players and 301 games with only recently inactive players.

We have some information for GMs on reporting tournament results to AREA.

These pages are based on information provided to me by Glenn Petroski <>, Bruce Monnin, Daniel Blumentritt, Thomas Arndt, Jeff Miller, John Sharp, and Rob Drozd. These guys do all of the hard work.

Note that AHIKS numbers are supposed to be the same as AREA numbers.

I have been getting some questions about game ladders and such. I really don't have a lot of information about that kind of thing. My suggestion is to look around the Gorgnard's home page ( Their internet gaming area may be of particular interest. The Boardgame Players Association page is another source that may be of interest. Glenn is also willing to help people locate opponents.

The AREA data is indexed by game titles, by player names and by player AREA IDs. You can also search for member or game information to avoid downloading whole indexes. From the main indexes you can get to information about all rating data for a particular game or for an individual.

There is also information on the details of how AREA ratings are calculated and the meaning of the data provided.

There is a sitemap page that lists some additional links. Of particular note is my philosophy for the design of the AREA web pages and a page with links to the various scripts used to load the database and produce web reports of the data.

Note that if you bypass this page and make direct links to player or game information, the links may occasionally change. This can be due to a reorganization, changing how game names are turned into file names when parsing the game data, or a change in the exact game name used in the raw data. It is recommended that for games, you link using the title format (T_title without specical characters.html) as that is least likely to change. Note that spaces will need to be escaped as %20.

Although originally the system was used only for Avalon Hill games, AREA currently rates games made by other companies.

It is possible to suppress names from the web pages. If you want this to happen for you, send me a message (please include your AREA ID). As long as the request seems legitimate, I will change it so that your name won't show up on the web page.

AREA Site Links

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