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AREA Ratings for Angola (1988)

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This game is rated as a multiplayer team game.

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Last updated 2021-02-23.

Game skill information

Skill MetricValuePopulation count
Standard Deviation for 10+ rated gamesUndefined0
Standard Deviation for any rated games7411
Mean for any rated games500911

Player List

AREA IDNameRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
BC011Collars, Bryan4904483002021-02-20
W0557Emery, John P.5043483002021-02-20
W0612Ferrell, Wray5048373002020-11-07
JM027Martin, Jeromey5148373002020-11-07
A1153Monnin, Bruce A.49545103002021-02-20
JRiceRice, Justin B.4954373002020-11-07
W1771Sample, Martin5093493002021-02-20
W1954Stein, Peter5052130002021-02-20
RWinsWinslow, Rob4949130002021-02-20
W2241Young, Bruce R.4998130002021-02-20
BY004Youse, Brian4954373002020-11-07

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