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AREA Ratings for Close Action (1997)

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This game is rated as a multiplayer team game.

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Last updated 2020-02-15.

Game skill information

Skill MetricValuePopulation count
Standard Deviation for 10+ rated games1228
Standard Deviation for any rated games10025
Mean for any rated games499925

Active Player List

AREA IDNameRankRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
DEyreEyres, Donald F.1527220220002019-12-21
RDM23Meyer, Robert2514810150002020-02-15
DHansHanson, David35112490002019-09-28
JL022Langenfeld, Joel4508712190002019-11-16
KE009Eilers, Kent55034140002018-06-23
JGal3Gallup III, James W.6502017180002020-02-15
A0286Alsen, John G.7501714190002019-11-16
ArndTArndt, Thomas E.85003110002018-03-18
D2319Mitchell, Dustin L.95000170002019-11-16
HdnElO'Connor, Peter J.95000170002019-11-16
Jim36Gallup II, James W.11499124210002019-08-24
DAW66* Name Withheld *12498422220002019-12-21
Mn013Vos, Bill (William G.)134927280002018-05-19
POC01O'Connor, Paul1448845120002019-12-21
BH028Hansen, Brian1548778110002019-09-28
FrickFrick, Daniel16486315200002020-02-15

Inactive Player List

AREA IDNameRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
1912BFrick, Mark50895120002017-09-23
DJN09Nicholson, Daniel J.50665110002011-12-02
SRochRocheford, Stephen5002130002013-07-05
AJCarCarlson, Alan J.5001170002013-09-06
PS238* Name Withheld *5000280002012-02-03
V0001Maalouli, Walid4975160002017-05-21
PMMG5Gaylord, Peter M.49317130002014-05-02
DKayeKaye, David A.48558100002012-04-06
NLang* Name Withheld *48308120002017-07-08

Other Interested Player List

There are no other interested players for this game.

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