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AREA Ratings for Slapshot (1982) & Phantoms of the Ice (1994)

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This game is rated as a winner take all multiplayer game.

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Last updated 2023-05-30.

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Game skill information

Skill MetricValuePopulation count
Standard Deviation for 10+ rated gamesUndefined0
Standard Deviation for any rated games53222
Mean for any rated games5001222

Active Player List

AREA IDNameRankRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
LMIL1Miller, Laura M.15162240002022-11-07
A1303Miller, Jeffrey D.25003340002022-11-07
PSwizSwift, Patti S.34976450002022-11-07
bveinSwift IV, George44975140002021-08-02
KingVSwift V, George54960450002022-11-07
LSS14Swift, Lydia S.64924120002022-11-07

Inactive Player List

AREA IDNameRatingFrequencyOpponentsRemote playTournamentsRemote CompetitionsActive date
W0144Beyma, Richard50852110102014-02-27
EG004Glassco, Elinor50852110102014-02-27
AS036Saccenti, Antony50852110102014-02-27
TS004Strock, Thomas50822110102014-02-27
A1153Monnin, Bruce A.50524210302014-02-27
CA023Applegate, Christy4980150102014-02-27
BB018Batovsky, Brian4980150102014-02-27
W0269Caler, Carol4980150102014-02-27
W0270Caler, Steven4980150102014-02-27
KC013Codoley, Kelsey4980150102014-02-27
AC016Croxton, Alex4980150102014-02-27
SG013Gilbert, Steve4980150102014-02-27
CG003Gnech, Christopher4980150102014-02-27
MH010Hymowitz, Michelle4980150102014-02-27
PEL04Lindholm, Peter T.4980150102014-02-27
DS026Saccenti, Donte4980150102014-02-27
AS020Schwartz, Albert4980150102014-02-27
GS021Smith, Gregg4980150102014-02-27
JT022Thornsen, Jeffrey4980150102014-02-27
W5623Saccenti, Scott R.49662110102014-02-27
DW017Wolfe, David A.49662110102014-02-27
MEP01Powers, Mary Ellen4960290202014-02-27
W1457Musella, Anthony49493150302014-02-27
KC011Codoley, Kerry49463150202014-02-27

Other Interested Player List

There are no other interested players for this game.

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